Monday, 13 December 2010

My 2nd Favourite Thing About Christmas

Its funny but this year I have come to realise that while my favourite things about Christmas is the traditional family time and Christmas morning, but I also really love talking to my friends at Christmas. 

I know us women all get a buzz out of buying new things but I think at Christmas it is most apparent.  All we can talk about is present buying it consumes our thoughts and shows in the sparkle in our eyes. Its one of the few times of year we are allowed to gloat (I found the most amazing bargain) we are allowed to give unasked for opinions (Ooooo not sure she’d like that one) We are allowed to demand things (No they definitely want Power Rangers) and no one bats an eyelid.

For most women while there is pleasure in Christmas day it self, for most of us there is a lot of hard work, moments of guilt and panic as well and this means there is an almost greater pleasure in spotting the perfect present £5.00 cheaper than in the other store.

I love it, this run up, where we can stand at the school gate and discuss our latest acquisitions, gasp at the vast quantities of money that is being spent and console one another because the shop has just sold out of that one really important present that will ruin Christmas if its not under the tree.

So ladies (and gents if you’re with me) lets celebrate pre Christmas and I hope you are all having a lovely time. xx   


  1. Happy Christmas to you.
    Lovely post, short and sweet - perfect.
    Followed you back from comment on BMB.
    hello - pleased to meet you.
    You might not have had many visitors for the precise reason of this post - everyone is a bit caught up with Christmas and short on time.

  2. Hello Gemma, thanks for your nice comment. You're probably right. I know I shouldn't be doing this right now as I have an exam coming up aswell as Christmas lol xx

  3. hi, I saw your comment on twitter tread on BMB. I've tried to find you on twitter but can't. I'm helloitsgemma - if you are on twitter. I find it really useful place to pimp my blog!

  4. Hi Gemma, I had to close my twitter account, I still have facebook but I think everyone is getting sick of me posting stuff on there lol.

  5. I agree - I love thinking about presents to buy for people and like most things in life I find Christmas is more about the anticipation than the day itself. Whilst I do like the shopping part, I'm not so keen on the wrapping and posting bit! Popped over from BMB - nice to meet you!

  6. Hiya Kerry, nice to meet you too :0) totally with you on the wrapping and posting thing. I have only just written out my mum's cards and they break up today. Just hoping everyone is there for me to give them out. I normally end up moody at some point on the actual day, I think I might have a drink a bit earlier this year, like breakfast time lol.

  7. Hi, popped over from BMB. I love the run up to Christmas as well and totally agree with you about finding that present for £5.00 cheaper, it really does give you a buzz. I also have a stupid amount of December birthdays (11 in total) so finding those bargind becomes a real mission to try and cut down on cost. As for the day, I love it, the kids are so excited, this year I am (stupidly) cooking for 9 but it is taking military planning, and I am secretly loving the organising bit, and for me Christmas is the day to start drinking a nice port and lemon about 22am, and is the only day of the year this seems acceptable!! Hope the exam goes well x

  8. Ha, I revise that statement, I meant drinking at 11am is acceptable, bit 22!

  9. Hi SuperLittlemen, I have a couple of those myself. Thanks for popping over for a quick read. Don't envy you cooking for 9 at all. This year its just us 5 all 3 days (first time) I am wondering if I can break the record for the laziest christmas ever. 11 birthdays wow thats not good. This year we have had 2 birthday parties this week, my mum and mother in law are both December but apart from that we're pretty free from that hassel. Its those irresponsible people getting cuddly around springtime that does it lol xx Anyway thanks for stopping by, see you on BMB no doubt and I am trying very hard to forget about that exam xx


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