Thursday, 16 December 2010

Down to single digits

Just over a week to go, we have 1 works do and 2 birthday parties to attend and I still haven’t bought any food yet. 

Every year without exception I get to this point and of the “season” and suddenly realise I haven’t got hubbie his “big present”.  Why is it he can appeal to me in the “help me” kind of way to steer him in the direction of what would be a good thing to get me and I’d something I'd really like and I am always left to fumble in the dark as to what I think he might want. 

So far this year we’ve been shopping together once and he was so stressed through most of that trying to get me to like stuff that we came home with a few bits for the kids, some shampoo (it is on my mental Christmas list, Tony & Guy and smells divine !! mental as in, on my mind, not totally crazy) and still no clue what to get each other. 

Now I reckon most couples at this point would probably admit defeat and recognise that we are no longer individuals that have our own desires and tastes and just buy something pretty for the house or something.  But for some reason we cling on to this belief that we need to treat each other. Some might say romantic, others would probably say delusional. So unable to bare his despondent face after this shopping trip I offer up the solace of, I’ll do an Amazon wish list and you can choose something from there. 

Amazon, massive website, lots of things, I find 3 that I want, he’s not amused.  In the meantime I still have no clue what to buy him.  Normally I will get little hints and tips in passing comments made or suggestions from eldest child, this year NOTHING !! its like he purposely holding it all in.  I can only surmise that there is some ulterior motive that may mean money being spent in the New Year.  Well at least I hope there is otherwise I will be spending the next 12 months trying to make up for it.   

In the meantime any helpful suggestions would be gratefully appreciated as the kids will probably think it very odd that Santa “forgot” daddy this year.

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