Sunday, 8 August 2010

Won't be doing that again in a hurry

Seriously disappointed. Ninja has been watching the adverts (that are on incessantly) for Legoland and has been busting to go. So week 3 in to the holidays we decided to take them. To start with it was a 2 hour journey that become 3, given that extra hour thanks to me doggedly following the stupid satnav. Fine, the kids were perfectly behaved and all the traffic queues were moderate, so we managed to get there for 11am (opens at 10). Lots of excited anticipation coming from the kids, got to the kiosk 2 adults and 2 children (one under 3 so free haha !!) £105 yes you read it right £105. I'm sure if we were prepared to cause a scene hubbie and I would have just asked for our money back there and then and gone home. As we didn't we both went pale, felt sick and continued in to the park. Word of warning there is almost nothing, really nothing for a toddler there !! Humf and I spent the next 8 hours basically waiting for hubbie and ninja to go on to rides and then queue up again and go on another. The most exciting parts of the day for humf were watching the trains go round the model village and playing with some lego for an hour while the other 2 queued for one ride. Being 2cm's under the required height restrictions, which was applied ridiculously to every ride in the park (even the toddler train !!) we just spent the day watching rather than participating and by the end of it I had been hit, bitten and kicked in shear frustration as humf watched his big brother do things that really and truly he could have as well. All things considered, the extreme long waiting times and general bad organisation of everything Ninja was well behaved but it wasn't until after 4pm that he got to enjoy himself. He went on more things and had more fun in the last hour of the park being open than he had in the whole day. I think the most fun he had was on the bungee trampoline (which cost us an extra £5). He went sooo god damn high, the man set it to as high as possible and still Ninja was loving it, he must have been jumping 30-40 ft in the air and every time the man bounced him my stomach landed in my mouth. All in all I would not reccommend Legoland on any counts, and I shall be trying to persuade hubbie to take us to Drayton Manor (Thomas Land) for the little one before the end of the summer hols. DON'T GO, Thorpe Park is much better !!

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