Monday, 2 August 2010

The age of the Dinosaurs is alive and well..!!

I can not believe that. I am so shocked, I shall explain. Humf h as just brought me in the post. In his excitement for job well done, he has managed to rip open one of the envelopes that came through the door. It was addressed to Hubbie, and as it was pretty much open I pulled the rest of it out.

Now correct me if I am wrong and being sexist but for the most part anything to do with the families health normally comes under the woman’s remit. We are the ones that make the appointments, get the repeat prescriptions and phone for results. So when I realised this letter to hubbie was from the doctor’s surgery I got slightly concerned. It was nothing, just a letter explain, that the surgery will be moving and we should be aware. All fine you say until I read how the letter is addressed. Now remember it had hubbies name on the front “To the head of the household” in capital and bold !! lol. Really, I mean really, I’m jut wondering how many of the crotchy horribly rude receptionists that think they are a medical encyclopaedia and can diagnose you by just the sound of your voice would feel about receiving a letter addressed like that.

Should I be too offended, no I don’t think so. Should I hide it so hubbie can’t use it as proof of what he is always trying to tell me, that it is actually him that wears the trousers even though he leaves me to make all the decisions, no. I shall show him and give him the satisfaction of knowing the creepy women at the surgery think he is head of the household. Do I think it was the Porsche driving misogynistic doctor , who winked at my 12 year old daughter and said “I’ll see you soon”, to which I replied “not without me !!” who decided it would be a good idea to send them out addressed like that, yes I bloody well do. Will I say something to the creepy women behind the counter next time I am down there for a blocked up nose or bright red rash, no probably not, I’d have to get permission from the head to do that ;0)

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