Friday, 6 August 2010

And they call me weird

Well possibly they might be right.  Can’t believe how crap the weather has been so far this summer holiday.  The kids are going bonkers with boredom and to be honest so am I.  I think I need some contingency planning for the rest of the summer if the weather is going to continue to behave in this awful manner.  The difficulty in keeping 2, 5 and 12 entertained at the same time is immense.  Maybe I am just not being as committed to the problem as I should be but they are arguing incessantly and what ever I suggest one of them will either whine loudly about it or in the case of the 2 year old just not understand it at all.  Getting them out of the house but keeping them sheltered from the weather is extremely expensive.  I took the two littlest ones to an indoor climbing frame the other day, just me and them and that ended up costing me about £40 we were only there an hour and a half !!  Trip to the cinema is easily £60 by the time you’ve bought 3 hotdogs and lets not even mention the “S” word as I think I would have a riot on my hands.  So this weekend I am going to Google things to do and make a plan for next week. Well I will try to anyway, lol 

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