Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The wonder of activity camp !

Sending him to a sports camp for two weeks over the summer has got to have been one of my better parenting moves.  I managed to time it for the time Mooki moo is away in Portugal so I am keeping myself occupied with thoughts of drop off and pick up times. I had the sneaky feeling that if I didn't commit to something I would be spending the whole two weeks of her vacation in my pjs feeling sorry for myself, Anyway.......

Basically the camp is made up of 4-12 year olds who go there on a daily basis to be kept busy with lots of different activities (mainly sporting ones).  When Mooki moo was Ninja's age I also sent her a couple of weeks a year during the summer holidays to the same sort of thing and I am pleased to say this one has been as well organised as the ones we went to down in London.  They are staffed with young adults both boys and girls who seem very keen to get to know who they are looking after and make sure they have a good time. There is lots of variety of sports and they seem to be catering well to age and abilities.  Ninja has discovered he loves dodge ball as he has excellent reaction times therefore making it difficult to get him out.  He is also enjoying hockey, tennis, football arts & crafts and massive games of hide and seek. Even when we had rain a couple of days last week, the camp still managed to keep them busy enough that Ninja was totally pooped when I picked him up.

I think Humf is ok with going to nursery while Ninja is at camp as it fits in pretty well with what would be a normal school day for us.  I am dreading next week when Ninja gets to stay home as trying to persuade Humf that he still has to go to nursery will probably be a nightmare.  On top of this there is the potential I might be starting work as well and that really will ruin all their holidays.

For now though all I have to worry about is which of the kids films we are going to see because there are so many at the cinema that look fab and how am I going to stretch the £200 I have left in my bank account till the end of the month.

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