Saturday, 20 August 2011

A personal post

I'm never sure whether its a good idea to pour your heart out in a blog post. Its not something I do on a regular basis but my head feels so full of inky black gunkness that I kind of just want to get it out.

So job hunting while going through a very messy break up is probably not the best thing for ones ego.  While I admit it hasn't been a total disaster and I have in fact turned 2 jobs away for being unsuitable its still rocks your self-confidence quite a bit. It drives me mad that I am applying for jobs that I know I am more than capable of handling and my CV gets written off without a by nor leave often with the comment "your skill set doesn't meet with our clients requirements" ggrrhh they want some to post invoices and check balances, I can do that with my eyes shut, how can my skills not match !! and then if I go for a job in a more "senior" role I just feel like I am trying my luck and everyone is going to laugh at me.

For instance a job came up in the town where we live and I must have applied for it 4-5 times through different websites.  Each time I wrote a covering letter and by the 5th attempt I was practically begging them to see me.  No response !!! In the end I decided to go pay the company in question a visit and hand my CV personally over to the man in charge of finance.  Great, got there, met him, he looked over my CV said he had remembered it but had just assumed that the money he was offering wasn't going to be enough compared to my "London" wages and that I was way over qualified anyway.  Even though I had all the skills he needed, lived a mile from the place of work and had practically begged to be seen, he had still decide there was no point even meeting me.  Faced with that kind of resistance how the heck am I ever going to get a job. Gggrrh

I don't know yet but can you tell I am finding the whole job hunting thing a tinsy-winsy bit frustrating.

The kids being off school "bless them" isn't exactly helping either.  They are so bored, its at times like these I understand why American kids go off to summer camp. I don't remember summer holidays being this hard when Mooki was little. Somehow we just managed to get through them without to much hassle  With the boys on the other hand its a completely different thing.  Not only are they physically more active than their "don't touch me, I'm sleeping" sister they also want me to join in with every possible game they can think of.  I end up feeling like one of those "grumpy old women" off the telly who goes around with a permanent scowl on her face and a don't come near me or I'll poke you with my walking stick attitude (Oooo there is something to look forward to getting old for).

Then of course there is the sincere and distinct lack of funds to content with.  I know everyone is in the same boat and we are all having to make the best of it, I just don't like it..!! Took the elder two to see Spy Kids 4D  on Friday a nice little daytime trip to the cinema without the littlest one driving us all bonkers running around the cinema. £50 that cost for the 3 of us, £50 !! When I was younger going to the cinema was something you could do with some pocket money, now I have to think about the long term strategy of film to interest ratio an whether its really worth seeing it on the big screen as it will be out on DVD by Christmas anyway. Was a bit underwhelmed by the whole 4D experience as well, the smell bits of the scratch card all smelt the same RIP OFF lol

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