Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Seriously where do I begin..........

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If I hear the words "its because he is so intelligent" one more time, I think I might scream.  Alright I am not the strictest of parents and now as a single mum I find it even harder to be tough on my kids but come on....

My darling 3 year old is a whirlwind wonder of mess. Over the last six months we have had the hand printing incident:
This was done while I was having a little nap on the sofa and Nanny and big bro where watching him for me.  She thought it looked quiet artistic and thought I should leave it.

Then we had the ground cumin incident

I think there was also black pepper and some garlic in there too.  It took two days for the smell to go.

Then we also had the flour evening

You can see where his knees where. Don't ask me how he got the flour it was on the highest shelf

Pasta or rice mummy?
 Fun at Easter

I can do my own nappy cream mummy just watch me

I'm not waiting until I am 18 to get a tattoo

If I am really quiet no one will find me

Guess what they are each getting for Christmas this year
What you've never heard of ear painting, mum you are so out of touch

But my all time favourite piccie has to be this one, how many lollies does a kid need at one time !

bless him his face was really sore in this one, he'd had a nasty bout of eczema but he still looks as cheeky as ever.

Tell me, could you tell a face like that off?

You know what though I wouldn't have him any other way, I am grateful everyday my children are happy and health and enjoy their lives.   As for the mess well it might start getting under control by the time they are in their 20's until then "where's the vacuum cleaner?"


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