Monday, 4 July 2011

Would you google a potential new boyfriend?

I've been mulling over in my mind how much easier the whole dating thing would be if we just databased every man on the planet and when you started going out with him you could just update the database putting in his status and what his pro and cons are and then if the relationship finished, you could just fill the bits that asked you his faults, and a short questionnaire on his rateablitly in cleanliness, consideration, caring behaviour and that sort of thing.  That way any potential new girlfriends can look him up and decided whether he is a good match for her. I'm convinced it would save alot of wasted time and effort and reduce the risk of heartbreak. Not sure if the blokes would be up for it though, getting stamped with a clean bill of health and a use by date might pee them off a bit.

Lately I have found myself craving very random things from laying out in a field with the sun on my face to a new very expensive handbag. My head seems to be this swirling mishmash of different thoughts and ideas. One minute I want to get back to nature let the children roam free and indulge their emotions and expressions the next I am demanding they eat at the table and are in bed by 7pm or else.  I am frightened with everything that is going on with the courts, frightened that I am not being a good enough mum and and I think this is part of the problem.  It seems peoples idea of parenting are so varied that for one person what is seen as healthy and enriching to another seems undisciplined and unruly. For instance take bouncing on the trampoline in their birthday suit.  For me, giving them some time in their lives where they are unrestricted by societies ideas and opinions and allowing them to feel the wind on their skin and the sun on their backs without the big "keep covered or else" is important, others may see that as me being irresponsible for so many different reasons and I can only give one reason for doing it, which is the great big happy smiles on their faces.  Then there is the telly on all the time. Yes the telly is on alot, its the first thing that gets done as they walk in from school but they don't just sit there staring at it.  Both the little ones are chatterboxes and always have loads to tell me when they get home, so they can't sit there staring at the box because I'm in the kitchen and the telly is not.  Many a time do I walk in to an empty lounge with the telly set at cartoon network with not a soul insight to watch it and believe me if you read my facebook status updates you'd know they aren't just sitting around watching telly.  So some of you may ask why do I let them keep it on and truthfully I'm not really sure why I do, but I know if they start playing up badly and I threaten to turn it off they soon start behaving themselves again.

Anyway the old man's saying of someones junk and someone elses treasure I think fits extremely aptly when it comes to parenting. So I suppose I have to put more faith in my abilities and hope that the kids happiness shines through as a beaken to dispel any reservations any governing body might have over the kids welfare.


  1. Love it!!!!! Making happy memories for your children is soooooooo important. If your kids are happy you are happy and if you are happy they are happy. If what you are doing is working did what anyone else thinks. I really dont think my boys wld wanna jump around in their birthday suits though lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Two thoughts --- one if you are thinking all these thoughts then I woudl guess that yes you are a very good Mom, and yes absolutely Google the heck out of potential new boyfriends. When I was single -- until last year - I did it like crazy. Information is good!


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