Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm so old, the politest reject letter ever and sheep...

Way to go at embarrassing myself this morning in our lovely local co-op.  Over filled the basket as usual which was fine but takes a bit of unpacking on to the conveyor belt.  So there I am singing away to the song that's just come on the co-op radio, I get asked if I want a carrier bag and I continue to sing away on auto pilot unpacking and then packing up again. Eventually there is nothing more left to pack, this lifts me out of my trance and I suddenly become aware of my surroundings and when I look up. I see the "nice" young man by the till smiling politely looking at me with a slightly bewildered look on his face.  "Its an old song" I mumble "it must have been re-released, that's why I know all the words". His smile brightens and he promptly asks me for the £36.35. Bless him in his effort to rescue the somewhat uncomfortable position we are in while the pin machine does it thing he says "Can't believe how high the guy sings in this". Oh god that's just given me the opening I needed, I then proceed to spend the next 5 minutes lecturing him on how the old one was a massive hit and that it was so much better and that the lead singer sang much higher and louder than this pretender. I even told him to "youtube" the old version if he didn't believe me ! How stupid must I have seemed, me pushing 40 telling a 17 year old how to look up an old song.  Anyway he smiled that polite smile at me again and I beat a hasty retreat pretty confident that the "god some old woman" story was going to feature on his social network at some point today. Hohum here is the song in question hope you enjoy

I want to work for Balfour Beaty, admittedly they don't want me to work for them at this given moment, but they are still a company that I would want to work for.  Never have I received such a nice rejection email/letter as the one they sent me this morning. I knew as soon as I had finished applying for the job that i wasn't going to get it, 40,000+ a year experience required, it was always going to be a bloody long shot. Anyway here is a bit of the email, I think you will agree it is very nicely worded.

      Many thanks for your application for the post of Divisional Finance Manager (Northampton). After careful consideration I am sorry to advise you that we will not be progressing with your application. (they just need to see the front cover of my CV to decide that really lol)

We would like to retain your details for approximately 12 months, in case any suitable positions arise during that time. If you would prefer us not to, please contact our Human Resources department. (i really hope something does come up and they do consider me)

If you have not done so already, we recommend that you take advantage of our email job alert service so that you can receive the latest vacancies as they arise. You can register at our website once you have carried out a search. (yes I will be signing up asap)

Many thanks once again for taking the time to apply and for your interest.
Humf made me go look at the sheep this morning......I know this is a market town but really do we have to have the livestock market slap bang next to the schools....All you can hear 3 times a week is the poor sorry bleating of the little Timmys.  It makes me want to go veggie and I think if humf really understood what they actually were IE his Sheppard's pie, I think he'd be appalled too. The farmers enjoyed playing up for the little boy who sat gawping at them as they herded the sheep in to their little pens and I suppose each sheep for them represents, bills paid and a roof over their heads so they don't get attached.  I just find the whole thing difficult you know and its even worse when its the cows turn.  Well I think I am going to leave it a good while until I explain why they come to town each week its hard enough as it is now to get him to eat any meat, let alone if I try to explain that most of Timmy and his friends ends up on the dinning room table.

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  1. I love that song and they play it on Magic FM all the time!! hope you hit the high notes in true kareoke fashion LOL :)


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