Sunday, 9 October 2011

Since you've been gone..........

Light bulbs have been changed, toilets unblocked and bins taken out.
The TV is mine and I iron in front of it.
When doors slam no one jumps any more.
The only shouts are ones of excitement.
The only time there is crying, is for scraped knees, banged heads or sad stories.
Smiles are made in mirrors.
Songs are sung at any time.
Family and friends visit when ever they choose.
Homework is done on time.
Things are broken, but then they are fixed.
We eat together.
Sleep together.
Laugh together.
Boundaries are crossed but way backs are negotiated with love not lectures.
There are no pants to pick up.
I'm no longer referred to as "babe, wench or c**t" but "mummy" the only name that matters.
Grades are up.
Self confidence is up.
We now know we are all worthy fabulous individuals
Make up is worn.
Clothes and boys are discussed freely.
Dinners are adventures with lots of different things being tried all the time.
The kids eat tons of fish, bagels, matzo, pasta, asparagus, french beans.
Spelling, reading and maths are done for fun.
Playstation games are played and don't give nightmares.
Confidence is overflowing.
Normality is standard.
We can all breathe.


  1. Wow, what a powerful piece of writing! Your house sounds like a very happy one x

  2. Oh God,,,,
    hubby and I are not getting on.
    You have described what life COULD be like xxx

  3. Thank you Syders its taking time and I am sure there will be ups and downs but it does all feel normal and ok.
    Liska I never thought it would be ok but its better than that we are all happier !


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